Troll & Hero - Common Magic

Gaming, adventure, trolls and heroes. What's not to like?

There are five approaches to common magic, each utilizing the common list of spells in their own way. With twelve areas of magic spanning sixteen graduated power levels, there are over 300 spells to choose from ranging from the juvenile like Bogart or Flatulence or Shocking Jolt to mainstays like Fireball or Armor or Lock or Control Animal to the kingdom altering spells like Transform Populace or Pantelepathy or Black Hole or Master Ring.

A flexible system is provided for enchanting magic items with nearly any spell found in common magic, as well as a variety of specialty magic items such as hearth stones, sentient swords, and dry bags.

Whether you will play an adept who learns each spell as a separate skill, a mage who masters an entire area of magic and formulates each spell from this expansive knowledge, a magician who discovers and spawns spells in his mind so as to release them later, a thaumaturge who carefully develops mastery of each field one spell at a time in a carefully ordered progression, or a wizard who picks and chooses his spells from the entire selection—these rules have you covered.

These rules are a part of Troll & Hero. To make full use of them requires either the base rule book or the expanded rules. This book may be used in addition to, or instead of, the expanded Magic book.