Troll & Hero - Magic

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These rules cover both the casting of spells and chanting of ceremonies with a lengthy list of spells for the spell caster and details on both the Holy Church and the Unholy Church. Priests of the Unholy Church can raise the dead, and priests of the Holy Church can lay them to rest. Whether your character is a robed priest who calls down divine retribution on his enemies, or an adventuring spell caster with a grimoire in his pack and a spell on his lips, these rules will expand your adventure.

Coverage is also provided for the creation of magic items. Unique items are provided with complete descriptions for each degree of mastery. Customizeable magic items can be made to take advantage of whatever gems a user installs in them. And a spell caster can imbue an item he crafts with the power of a spell known to him. In addition to creating scrolls, enchanting wands and making magic rings.

These rules are a part of Troll & Hero and expand on the base rules. They can be used in conjunction with the main Troll & Hero book, or with the other expanded rules books (Troll & Hero Rules, Troll & Hero Characters, Troll & Hero Skills, Troll & Hero Combat, Troll & Hero Magic and Troll & Hero Spirits) to replace it.