Troll & Hero - Spirits

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Although the emphasis is on spirits, these rules cover different planes of existence and systems of magic related to that. These rules provide a detailed description of operating levels, spirit movement, spirit combat and interplanar travel. Ever wondered where your spell caster’s summoning spells called creatures, spirits and demons from? Ever wanted to visit for yourself? Then this is the book for you.

A variety of magic systems and associated character classes are described, including the base summoner class and the subclasses theurgist, shaman, and goetics. Although a unified approach to spirits is presented, each of these magic systems differs significantly one from the other.

Summoners name spirits, or research musty tomes to uncover the names of spirits other summoners have already named, then summon, command and bind those spirits to their will. The summoner himself cannot do any magic as such, but by commanding a bound spirit he can achieve great effects.

Theugists realize a potential as an actual spirit, a theurge, that they summon, command and bind. While in outline it is similar to summoners there are distinct differences, the most significant of which is that theurges are only distinct entities while summoned after which they revert to mere potential.

Shamans also call on spirits, but while a summoner or theurge may be content to call a spirit to them, a shaman sallies forth into the spirit world and takes them head on. The spirits most shamans deal with are nature and animal oriented.

Ars goetia invokes divine powers and evokes infernal powers. Whether the practitioner has high aims or low, he uses sigils to summon beings of great power whom he binds with oaths to do his bidding. A practitioner of ars goetia can potentially summon vast infernal armies, or player characters may explore the depths of Hell.

These rules are a part of Troll & Hero and expand on the base rules. They can be used in conjunction with the main Troll & Hero book, or with the other expanded rules books (Troll & Hero Rules, Troll & Hero Characters, Troll & Hero Skills, Troll & Hero Combat, Troll & Hero Magic and Troll & Hero Spirits) to replace it.